Some Shortcuts

Here is some commands that you can use inside a terminal and/or when you are typing on a UNIX like terminal.

BOFH Excuses

telnet 666


Shortcut Meaning
Ctrl + U Clean all line
Ctrl + K Clean [position;end]
Ctrl + w Clean the word brefore the position
Ctrl + a Go to begin of line
Ctrl + e Go to End of line
Ctrl + p Previous command
Ctrl + b Move back from a char
Ctrl + f Move forward a char
Ctrl + k Delete to EOL
Ctrl + n Next command
Ctrl + r Search in previous command (begin research mode)
Ctrl + s Search in next command
Ctrl + o Do command researched
Ctrl + l Clean screen
Ctrl + u Clean text before cursor + copy it
Ctrl + k Clean text after cursor + copy it
Ctrl + w Clean the word before the cursor + copy it
Ctrl + y Paste the content of the cursor (yank)
Ctrl + d Terminate the current buffer
Ctrl + c Cancel a process
Ctrl + z Background (fg to bring back)
Shortcut Meaning
Alt + f move forward one word
Alt + b move background one word
Alt + del cuts the word before the cursor
Alt + d Cut the word after the cursor
Alt + u UPPER every char from cursor to the end of the cursor word
Alt + l lower “”
Alt + c up a char and move to the end of the word
Alt + r cancel the changes on the current line
Alt + < Move to the first line in the history
Alt + > Move to the last line in the history
Alt + ? Show current completion list
Alt + * Insert all possible completions
Alt + / Attempt to complete filename
Alt + . Yank last argument to previous command
Alt + t Move words around
Alt + Back-Space Delete backward from cursor