Sometimes people ask me what are the tools that use and I’ve gather quite a lot of useful website and links.

So I’m going to gather it all here as an usesthis article.

What hardware do I use?

I really like lenovo and Dell computers. So far I’m very happy with the computers that my work provides. A Dell E6230 is the machine I use all day long. I strongly recommend it as it is shipped with an ubuntu as operating system.

What software do I use?

I will add here through different sections all my tools. Most of them are pretty standards but I’ve noticed that fellow PhD students that don’t have software engineering as a background usually lack some knowledge about efficient tools to get the job done.


I code mainly using vim boosted with a set of plugins and IntelliJ

Code tools

All languages tools

C programming

Python programming

Follow this guide and check out the tools it reference.


It’s not precisely software but these tools come handy.


I use heavily google products. Many people got a google account but very few of them know how to get the most out of it. I strongly recommend for anyone that use gmail a lot to follow the following tutorial. The most useful of these tips is keyboard shortcuts that can really heavily speed up the operation you do in gmail.

About this website

Every line of the code and articles that make this website what it is was written using vim. The article are written using Markdown as file format. This website use Jekyll to generate static content and is hosted thanks to github.

I currently use Ubuntu as operating system on my Dell E6230 and I’m quite happy about it.

You can subscribe to my blog using the atom feed.

This complete website is open source and can be forked.